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Stabrand is a warehouse and container re-distribution company that operates more than 5000 containers every year.

Stabrand has more than 80 years of experience, and is one of the oldest companies of its kind in the Copenhagen area.

Stabrand has managed to stay in the business all these years only be cause of its ability to adapt and change in alignment with its surroundings.

Q2M2 helps Stabrand with collecting valid statistical data on its operational performance.

Due to Q2M2's continuous improvements and benchmarking on Stabrand's operational performance, it is expected that the company will increase its efficiency by 15 percent.



The North Zealand Surf Lifeguard Organization

The North Zealand Surf Lifeguard Organization (DNK) is the oldest lifeguarding organization in Denmark, dating to 1931.

DNK operates more than 21 lifeguarding stations in Denmark. A major factor in the quality of DNK’s operations is the rescue response time - the period from when a drowning incident begins to when lifeguard is at the scene.

Q2M2 helps DNK collect data about these events, allowing DNK to continuously reduce rescue time within the resource constraints.

The surf lifeguard service there is a fairly clear correlation between quality delivered, resources available for the organization, and the way those resources are used. Q2M2 helps us to measure our quality level, which gives highly valuable insight when we develop our organization and also highly valuable information when we communicate with our different stakeholders, such as lifeguards, lifeguard managers, tourist organizations, and politicians who are funding our organization.

John Mogensen, Head of the North Zealand Surf Lifeguard Organization.



Invite-to-buy is the leading online shopping club in Denmark, where members get exclusive access to well-known brands for 30-80 percent below normal retail price.

Invitetobuy went live in 2010 and has since experienced enormous growth, going from just one employee in 2010 to 17 today.

Q2M2 helped Invitetobuy increase its customer satisfaction level by employing data-based forecasting methods to provide improved information about product arrival times to Invitetobuy's costumers. The accuracy of arrival estimations was improved by more than 30 percent, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction of 20 percent.


The Statistical Value Chain